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Pioneer and heritage cemeteries with marble stones from the 1800's face the issue of unsightly, deteriorating stones which are illegible and in an undignified state.

We work with municipalities and independent cemeteries to restore pioneer marble and early granite stones, making heritage cemeteries respectable and beautiful again.


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Additionally, we are a trusted partner of some of Canada's largest and oldest active cemeteries in encouraging families to have their granite stones cleaned. Cemeteries refer families to us with confidence, post our simple & discreet courtesy signs, and endorse our quality service.



Boston Church Cemetery: Milton

Boston Church Cemetery today - transformed with over 60 white marble restorations completed to date and several more to come. Your cemetery can do the same.

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"Everone feels great seeing these lovely old stones brought back to life. The cemetery is much brighter and no longer looks haunted or forgotten."

Cemetery Treasurer

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"It's great that even small cemeteries like ours can afford to do this in a short time."

VP Ladies Group

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Tranquility Cemetery: City of Brantford

Tranquility Cemetery, 51 white marble stones       restored over 6 weeks, dating from 1830 to 1870,

stones look as original21 remaining marble stones to be restored.

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Sept 2023

Oct 2023

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"The work you have done for us at Tranquility is amazing, I never thought the stones would turn out as well as they have and I am happy to have the chance to work with you.  I have lots more work for you that I am lining up for the spring."

Cemetery Superintendent

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"I've been driving by each day and watching your progress over the past few weeks and just stopped to say what an excellent job you've done on these stones. Everyone in town is already noticing these."

Local Brantford Resident

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Ashampoo_Snap_October 19, 2023_12h50m50s_019_.png

Boston Mills Cemetery: Caledon

Boston Mills Cemetery: 32 stones to date (18 marble, 14 granite) restored over 2 yearsdating from 1820 onward. Cemetery looking much brighter & cleaner already, many remaining marble stones to be restored..

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Ashampoo_Snap_October 24, 2020_22h54m08s_009_.png
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"Stones look great.

Thanks for all our hard work. You have a great service that allows us to work on other cemetery projects."

Cemetery Manager

Heritage grants from the Town of Caledon generously helped with this work. A little help goes a long way.

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Let us clean your

cemetery stones right

Whether you have unsightly pioneer marble stones that could use our special 3-stage cleaning process, or an active cemetery looking to encourage families to have their stones cleaned, we can help.

You will be amazed at how quickly your cemetery's appearance transforms with just a few minor strategic changes and a trusted, experienced and reliable partner like DIGNITY RESTORED.

Please contact us for ways we can help you meet your monument care goals.


Celtic Cross
Monument Care

(905) 483-1638

We'd love to make your cemetery even more beautiful!

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