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Celtic Cross

 &​ Monument Cleaning​

Monument Care

Professional Monument Care

For Cemeteries & Municipalities

Cemetery Stewardship Excellence includes monument care for marble pioneer stones &

 granite century stones.

Visitors and families greatly appreciate when cemeteries care for early stones and keep their cemetery beautiful.

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DIGNITY    RESTORED detail-cleans monuments so you can focus on other projects.

Enjoy beautiful stones without tedious work, frustration, extensive labour and common mistakes.

Celtic Cross
  • Beautiful Monuments

  • Bright White Marble

  • Hard Deposits & Stains

  • Sharp Clean Granite

  • Easy Batch Cleanings

  • Best Results Anywhere

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We take the guesswork out of restoring gravestones to original, beautiful condiion.

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"We took our old gravestones for granted and neglected them for way too long. Not anymore."

Budget a little each year for cleanings. 
A little goes a long way!

Change your cemetery for the better.

Avoid mistakes that can't be undone.

Try us out on some stones!

Reversing decades of weathering, hardened deposits, stains, pollution and biological growth on granite monuments is not easy,

but it can be done!


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As with many specialized services, it is best to call in the experts. We do this much better and for a reasonable cost. 


Pioneer Marble from the 1800's is cleaned in a special 3-stage process ​we have developed over time, which gives outstanding results . 

If you are lucky enough to have marble stones, why on earth wouldn't you get them professionally cleaned?  

Marble is very delicate and pourous. It must be cleaned in a different way.

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