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Gravestone Cleaning Toronto

The Basics of Gravestone Cleaning Toronto

If you need help with gravestone cleaning in Toronto, it’s important to understand a few basic principles of this process. In order to restore and retain a gravestone’s beauty, you need to understand the basic principles and processes of gravestone cleaning. First and foremost, the mantra should always be to do no harm to the gravestone. By enlisting the help of professional gravestone cleaning in Toronto, like Dignity Restored, you can be sure that the gravestone of your loved one is getting the care it needs and deserves. Here are some more gravestone cleaning basics to keep in mind:

  • Cleaning processes should be based on the material and the condition of the stone. Gravestones can be made from marble, granite, limestone, or slate, as well as sandstone. As a customer, make sure you tell the professional cleaning company what type of stone the gravestone is made of whenever possible.

  • Whenever a gravestone is cleaned, tiny microbes of mold, mildew, grime, or even soot are gently removed from the surfaces and pores. A quality cleaning service won’t just clean the main surface of the gravestone – they should also use the correct solutions and tools to get into small cracks and crevices, such as the numbers and letters.

  • Household cleaners and bleach should never be used to clean a gravestone. These contain harsh chemicals that can cause irreversible damage to the material.

  • All gravestones should be checked for damage and cracks. A broken gravestone may not be able to be cleaned since applying water and other solutions to broken stone could cause erosion or may cause the damage to become worse.


Choose a reputable and professional gravestone service company like Dignity Restored for all your family gravestone cleaning GTA needs.

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