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Gravestone Restoration GTA

What You Should Know About Monument Cleaning

The process of monument cleaning or gravestone restoration in GTA is a delicate process that really requires the skill of a professional, like our team at Dignity Restored. If you have a gravestone or monument of a loved one that needs care and attention, it’s important to know how the monument cleaning process works. The first step is to determine if the monument or gravestone can be cleaned. Visible signs of flaking, chipping, or cracks may mean that the gravestone restoration cannot take place, or else it may make things worse.


Next, the type of stone (granite, slate, marble, limestone, etc.) is determined. This step is vital since it helps to determine what type of cleaning solutions to use as well as what specific processes to follow. No matter what, it’s important that everything is cleaned as gently as possible. Too much force, harsh cleaners, or abrasive tools can damage the stone, making the monument look worse than before the cleaning process started.

Some well-intentioned people have attempted to clean family gravestones, only to discover they have used incorrect tools, inappropriate store-bought products, or overly harsh cleaning processes. These can all cause irreversible damage, discoloration, or permanent markings they regret. 

Wise families choose a professional company who can get the job done safely, and with far better results. All it takes is a call to Dignity Restored to get your monument cleaning done right. 

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