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Gravestone Restoration Ontario

The Process of Gravestone Restoration Ontario

A gravestone provides a permanent memorial to honor those who have passed away. If your loved one happens to have an older gravestone or one that has become extremely dirty over the years, you need the help of professional gravestone restoration in Ontario. Our company, Dignity Restored, can help. The process to restore a gravestone is complex, so understanding how gravestone restoration in Toronto works is very important. Read on to learn more about the steps and processes involved in gravestone restoration.

  • The first step in any restoration of burial monuments is to ensure that the structure is sound. The pros will look for any signs of cracking, flaking, or erosion to confirm that the gravestone may need more than just a standard cleaning.

  • Next, the restoration company will determine the type of soiling on the gravestone, and how to remove it in the most efficient way. The most common types of gravestone soiling include grime, dirt, mold, algae, oil stains, mosses, and even soot from passing cars. The type of marking or dirt, etc. on the gravestone determines the best cleaning processes moving forward.

  • A small, inconspicuous area of the gravestone should be tested to ensure that the cleaning solution won’t cause further damage or discoloration. Once approved as safe, the cleaning and restoration process can continue.

  • Only stone-safe tools and cleaning solutions should be used, and rinsed thoroughly from the gravestone to prevent cloudiness or discoloration. Sealant should never be used on a gravestone since it can do more harm than good.


Dignity Restored is a trusted professional gravestone cleaning company with a track record of professionalism and high-quality gravestone restoration in Ontario. Call for a quote, prompt service, and excellent results.

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