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Monument Cleaning Ontario

Monument Cleaning Ontario: Important Steps

If you need monument cleaning in Ontario, it’s crucial to choose a professional service you can trust like Dignity Restored. We believe monuments are a beautiful and important way to remember and memorialize people in a meaningful, lasting way. When looking for monument cleaning in Toronto, the cleaning service provider will follow a few crucial yet standard steps to ensure that everything is completed in the best way possible. Read on for the important steps involved in monument cleaning so you know what to expect.

  • In order to begin monument cleaning in Toronto, the type of stone will need to be determined. In most cases, monuments are made of marble, granite, slate, or sandstone.

  • Next, the condition of the monument will be evaluated, and the pros will look for cracks. They’ll also check to see if there is any surface erosion. If there is, the monument may not be able to be cleaned, as it could potentially do more harm than good.

  • The type of dirt will need to be determined, and most monuments suffer from general dirt and grime, moss, algae, or lichen. Careful attention will be made to crevices and lettering.

  • Professional cleaning solutions must be specifically listed for the type of stone the monument is made of. Most products will be diluted to ensure that the monument gets clean but does not undergo any streaking, staining, or discoloration.

  • After the monument is cleaned, it should be rinsed thoroughly. A cleaning solution should never sit on a monument as it may discolor the surface.

If you want your family gravestones professionally cleaned with superior results, all it takes is a call to Dignity Restored. We would be proud to handle any needed monument cleaning in Ontario.

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